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Packaging Machine

The X.pack is a top performing and versatile packaging machine tuned for high production laundries. The design of the X.pack and its user interface makes it easy to understand, easy to use and easy to maintain.

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What are your main advantages?

Fast and highly efficient packaging process

Sealing unit with upper and lower motorised reel unwinders

Advanced Omron PLC for fast operation

Frequency inverter for speed control of the motors

Extended lifetime

Heavy duty structure

2 fans for forced air circulation in the oven

Armoured electric heating elements

Pneumatic cylinder for cold knife film cutting

Highest support level

Easy acces to motor, belt drives, heating system etc

Interactive error indication

Clear manual with error list and solution

Adaptable to your needs

Automatic loosener for easy passage of low weight packages

Optional motorised drive unit for moving small and light parts

Optional pneumatic cylinder for holding the pack during film welding

More technical details?

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Power Supply


3phase 400 V

Connected load



3.750 mm x 1.250 mm x 1.780 mm


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