Please find below some common questions and their answers !

Do you have a showroom or the possibility to see the machines working?
We are located in Arendonk, Belgium where regularly machines are being tested before they are shipped to the customer. We also have numerous installations in laundries in several countries. Please contact us if you would like to visit a laundry in your region and/or for a visit to CLMTexfinity. Prepare yourself for a warm welcome ! Of course also a fantastic and eye-opening trip to the factory in Shanghai is possible !!
How long are your delivery times?
The production time is generally not more than 2 months. For more complex or tailor made systems, we might need a little bit more time ... . And if you need something urgent, please check with us. We sometimes succeed in doing the impossible. Please also take into account the transport time (from Shanghai to Europe, it is +/- 4 weeks).
How to contact a dealer or a salesperson?
Don't hesitate to click the "Contact Us" button in the top right corner of this website, or simply send an e-mail to info@clmtexfinity.com. We normally answer the same or the next working day ....
What about support in my country?
A high level of support is extremely important for every laundry. We continuously investigate how we can make downtimes as low as possible. It's our second nature. So we combine a very strong central support structure with our highly skilled engineers who can identify and/or solve 90% of the possible issues via internet, telephone and/or chat. And for the remaining 10% we do have local technical teams in a lot of regions in Europe, Asia and America's. Don't hesitate to find out more and contact us via the "Contact Us" button in the top right corner of this website, or simply send an e-mail to info@clmtexfinity.com. We always answer the same or the next working day ....
Is there an opportunity to train my technicians?
Yes and we highly encourage customers to have their own technical people follow such a training. It can be organised at CLMTexfinity, and sometimes it is easier to do it "On the Job", or during or after the installation of a new machine.
What about spare parts ? If the equipment is made in China, I am concerned about the quality and the availability of the spare parts in my country ?
We appreciate and share your concern, and therefore we only use spare parts from European, Japanese or USA brands. And even more important: we use 'standard parts', widely available. So you can choose to buy them from CLMTexfinity or from your local supplier ! Some of the brands we use are: Gemü, Omron, Schneider, SEW, SMC, Mitsubishi, Parker, Bonfiglioli, WEG, ... .
What can I expect from the quality of your production/products in China ?
Briefly answered: at least the same as what you can expect from any top industrial European supplier. Our highly skilled engineers and production technicians work according to the highest quality standards. The robust base structures and metal work is made of the highest quality steel in the industry. This translates in very stable and heavy machines, that are built to last forever. And the quality control procedures are based on a culture of strong personal responsibility. So please, don't be modest in your expectations !
Does your equipment meet the European/American/... standards?
If we install a machine in your country, it means that our machines answers to your local requirements. As a standard, CE/UL/CSA certifications and others have already been obtained for all our equipment.

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