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Single or double load shuttle/lift/conveyor for moving the cake(s) from the press to the dryers and automatically unload into the dryers.

  • S.belt s - Shuttle with elevating belt included - lifting conveyor
  • S.belt l - Lifting belt (no shuttle)
  • S.belt m - Shuttle (without elevating belt) - conveyor belt
  • S.belt w - Wet shuttle (for taking a load from the extractor to the dryers)
  • S.belt c - Cake storage conveyor belts
  • S.belt u - Dryer unloading belt

More technical details?

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Technical specifications are highly depending on the type and capacity (single/double load, 60/120kg, lift/shuttle etc). Please contact us for more information.


Single or double load

60kg/120kg per load


Depending on type and version


Depending on type and version

What are your main advantages?

High quality

Solid, enduring frame.

All electric and pneumatic components are from top brands from Europe and Japan !

Simple, easy and connected

Integrated and/or communicating with press and dryers control

Can be connected with every brand press, extractor or dryer !

The shuttle will automatically take 1 or 2 cakes from the press and take it to the available dryer.


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