Flat Work Finish

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Working width - Max piece dimension

Working width

3.000mm - 3.300mm

3.500mm - 4.000mm

Power Supply


3phase 400 V


Up to 5,71 kWh/h


4130 × 1500 × 1820mm (3.300mm working width)

dep. on working width


1.125 kg

What are your main advantages?

Your flexible solution

Connect with any brand ironer and/or folder !!!

Manual feeding of small and large items

Sheets, duvet covers
pillow cases, table linen
napkins, kitchen towels, fitted sheets, ...

Easy manual feeding

High quality of Feeding into ironer

Deep suction box for improving feeding quality

Optimized Air Fan structure

High Efficiency centrifugal fa

Rotating Brushes for quality spreading

Support, the next level

Lowest possible downtime

Interactive error indication

Fault history and statistics

Fast response time

Direct connection to CLM-Texfinity


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