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Rena Textilpflege RFID-towel folder integration

February 28, 2023

Read here how Germany-based Rena Textilpflege used the RFID-technology to integrate Tag reading in the the S.towel® towel folder from CLMTexfinity !!

More and more industrial laundries implement RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tracking in order to monitor and control all aspects of a laundry from financial planning and production to transportation and stock control.

Rena Textilpflege, a German-based industrial laundry is specialised in nursing homes textile Services.  They offer the complete Package of Textile Management for retirement homes for both residents (living area and clothing) and nursing personnel. One of the many new technologies Rena Textilpflege has implemented over the years is the introduction of UHF transponders in bed linen and towels. This means that Rena’s customers no longer have to order linen on a regular basis. They also save costs thanks to the more efficient inventory management.

In order to take full advantage of this RFID implementation, Rena ordered and installed the S.towel® Towel Folder with built-in Tag readers.  The readers detect if each piece has a corresponding Tag or not.  If not, the piece is rejected automatically by the machine so later the Tag can be attached to the piece. The possibility also exists to have the Towel folder automatically select certain pieces based on their Tag number.  In this case, and external Database (managed by the laundry) will regularly send updated lists of Tags for the machine to be selected.  In this way, pieces can be selected (e.g. based on age, usage, etc …).

CLMTexfinity is happy that we could help Rena Textilpflege with implementing a more efficient workflow, giving a better service to their customers (the nursing homes) and lowering the costs.

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