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French customer S.feed-s installation !!

February 28, 2023

New S.feed installation !!!

Recently, we installed a second feeder at our french 🇫🇷 customer L.R. Blanchisserie. The customer already had an S.feed-s feeder and an S.fold-l folder, and because he is highly satisfied with the feeding quality, he decided to purchase the feeder also for his second ironing line.

Because of limited space inside the building, one ironing line was moved +/- 3 meters, so the feeder could be installed in front of the other line.

The emergency stop 🛑 circuit was integrated for the whole ironing line. Also some safety and security relays were added onto the existing ironer for improved safety.

Thanks to a good preparation, and a very supportive customer, who arranged fresh food for the engineers (as all restaurants were closed due to Corona restrictions ...), we were able to finish the installation in the foreseen timing.

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