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Completely revised tunnel batch washer system 1 ton per hour in Poland

February 28, 2023

COVID-19 reduced restrictions allow CLMTexfinity to pick up installations and commissioning.  

In June, CLMTexfinity has picked up it installation schedule, which was partially interrupted due to travel restrictions during the COVID-19 lock down in Europe. A complete tunnel batch washer system with a washing capacity just over 1000 kg per hour, including high pressure press and double batch gas heated dryers, was delivered to our customer in Poland.

The system was fully prepared and tested for installation in the CLMTexfinity factory to reduce installation time at the customers site. The 5 trucks with equipment were loaded at the end of the week preceding the installation and arrived during the weekend in Poland. After 4 days of installation the full system was up and running for testing, including all connections to the supplies, drains and exhausts.

During these same 4 days of installation, the detergent supplier also connected their dosing systems and were ready for production test by the end of the week.

Thanks to the joined efforts with our customer, the detergent supplier and the CLMTexfinity technical team, the installation finished earlier than anticipated, and the customer could start his new laundry as foreseen.

We would like to thank all the people involved for their extra efforts, for their availability and for getting the job done !!

The CLMTexfinity Team

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