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Check out our new Washer Extractors with capacity of 20-30-50-70-100-130kg.

Thanks to advanced engineering and the use of intelligent technology, the X.wash-e is a top performing and versatile washer extractor, tuned for high production laundries. Our continuous efforts in maximising the reliability of the X.wash-e has led to a robust washer extractor design with top quality parts. This results in the excellent washing proces and extends the lifetime of the washer extractor.

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What are your main advantages?

Fast and highly efficient washing process

Unique drum design

Sophisticated water management

High Extraction & G-values lead to very low moisture retention

Extended lifetime

Heavy duty structure

Dynamic balance testing for each internal drum

Internal drum made of 304 stainless Steel

Option external drum stainless steel

High quality European parts

Durable construction, built to handle the toughest demands

Highest support level

Easy acces to motor, belts, suspension, etc

Interactive error indication

Clear Manual with error list and solution

Adaptable to your needs

All sorts of linen

Option tilting for easy loading/unloading.

More technical details?

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X.wash-e 20 - 20kg

X.wash-e 30 - 30kg

X.wash-e 50 - 50kg

X.wash-e 70 - 70kg

X.wash-e 100 - 100kg

X.wash-e 130 - 130kg

Air supply


6-10 Bar

Power Supply


3phase 400 V (with stacker)

Connected load



Depending on version, pls contact us for more information


Depending on version, pls contact us for more information


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